Welcome to How Shall We Sing.
I hope you find these musings helpful as you continue to explore this strange land of Christian Music Ministry.

Seeing as you clicked on this link, I assume you'd like to know a bit about me.

I am first and foremost a broken person redeemed by Jesus and called to follow Him. I am also a music director/multi instrumentalist from Hobart, Tasmania. I work at Wellspring Anglican Church and I also teach piano at a couple of local schools. This blog is a way for me to process the things I've been learning in my time in ministry and, God willing, equip and strengthen other members of the Church.

If at any point you'd like to contact me, either just to say hi, ask a question or let me know what's going on in your church (I love good stories!), please use the contact me page in this site.

God bless,